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George D. Condon III has lived in West Springfield since 1968 when his father, Rev. George D. Condon Jr., relocated to the area to take a position as Associate Minister at the Mittineague Congregational Church. George’s mother, Joan Condon, was a school teacher in Springfield at Deberry School in Winchester Square (now Mason Square). In 1980, George was the last of four siblings to graduate from West Springfield High School.

Upon graduation from high school, he stayed in town and attended the Business Education Institute and Holyoke Community College. George went on to open his own business Baystate Locksmiths in 1988 on Riverdale Street. After an arsonist’s fire in 1995, undaunted, George rebuilt, changing his business’ name to Northeast Security Solutions to better reflect the services provided and the area covered. As business continued to grow, George moved it to Doty Circle in 2001 and then in 2005 George purchased and renovated his company’s current building at 33 Sylvan Street.

In addition to his primary business, George purchased Atwood Corporation in 2007 and changed the name to Atwood Fire & Security. George also currently owns Green Bear Properties, LLC, and has owned or co-owned Condon and Ehle Drywall, Point Blank Paintball, Inc., and Segway Central of Massachusetts.  As a business owner, George knows what it means to create jobs, meet a payroll, balance a budget and make tough decisions.

George has not only created jobs in West Springfield, he has also given back to the community over the years.  He has been an active member of the West Springfield Rotary Club for 21 years, serving as President in 2005.  He also served on the West Springfield License Commission for four years.  He is a member of both the West of the River Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce.

George lives on Sibley Avenue with his wife, Irina. He has three children, George, Jessica, Yaroslava, a daughter-in-law Michaelan (Burke) Condon and a grandson, Darek Lansing.

George knows West Springfield as a homeowner, a business owner, a father, and a grandfather.  He is running for the District 3 seat on the City Council in order to work for his constituents to bring financial accountability, stabilization of infrastructure, and viable economic development for our town.  He is particularly concerned over the high property tax burden that West Springfield citizens are forced to bear.  The budget has grown from $55 million in the year 2000 to $85 million today.  That is over a 50% increase in the last 11 years! George will work to bring our town’s budget under control, to attract businesses to West Springfield, and to continue to make West Springfield a better place to live.

Elect George Condon for a better future and Common Sense Government for West Springfield.